Islamic Center of Rochester
Rochester, United States
The Islamic Center of Rochester (ICR) was established in 1975, and its first building was completed in 1985. The masjid was designed by the architectural firm of Peter L. Morse & Associates and constructed by the contractors R.W. Scaccia & Sons. It sits on a 4-acre plot of land 10 minutes from downtown Rochester and major colleges & universities. The brown brick building is two stories and rectangular in plan, with a square minaret at one corner. There are long rectangular windows at ground level and semi-circular windows on the upper level.

At some point between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, the ICR was expanded, with a second building attached to the original masjid. The addition is also of brown brick, with white accents, and rectangular and arched windows reminiscent of the design of the original building. The Center has over 8,000 square feet and includes a prayer hall on the main floor, women's space on the upper level, wudu (ablution) areas, a multipurpose hall, offices, a library, kitchen, and classrooms. There is a pond on the property with a picnic shed for recreation.


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727 Westfall Road, Rochester, United States
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1985/1405 AH
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