Islamic Society of Edmond
Edmond, United States
The Islamic Society of Edmond was established in 1990. Masjid Al-Salam is located across the street from the University of Central Oklahoma, and was founded to serve the students and the residents of Edmond. It was built by the Oklahoma architect Siddiq A. Karim in what Omar Khalidi calls an "innovative style," or one that has few or no traces of traditional Islamic architecture. It is white brick with angular projections and roofs. Like the Islamic Center of Evansville in Illinois, Masjid Al-Salam is built in a modified bungalow style, with a simple, open 680 sq. ft. prayer hall inside. According to the architect, the local authorities requested that the mosque style be in harmony with the single family homes in the surrounding neighborhood.

The Islamic Society is looking to expand with an 8,000 sq. ft. addition built to the west of the current mosque. The proposed rendering of the building shows a multistory building with exterior iwans and a dome. In December 2013, the Edmond City Council rejected the plans for expansion, citing the size of the building and an inadequate amount of planned parking.


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525 North University Drive, Edmond, United States
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1990/1410 AH
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