Dar al-Hammam Restoration
Sana'a, Yemen

The house was built by Imam al-Mansour who ruled Yemen in the 14th century. The eastern room is the oldest part of the house. It is most rmud structure, detailing, and the use of the circular alabaster windows. These features added to the importance and greatness of the palace as a whole. The eastern room served as a sitting room for the Imam. The palace was later expanded in the 1930s. In 1993 Universal Travel & Tourism in Yemen took the palace and began restoring and renovating the palace to serve as a meeting place and tourist attraction. Internal and external restoration, renovation and interior decorations were done. The unique skills of Yemeni architects and craftsmen were used to restore the house to its original state and to be as an example of 14th century house type. This restoration project is part of the larger Old Sana'a conservation project. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Sana'a, Yemen
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14th c., restored 1993
Ground floor area: 156 m²; total site area: 2,035 m²
Variant Names
Dar el Hammam
Dar al Hammam
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