Bhopal Development Authority Headquarters
Bhopal, India
The project site is in the urban section of Bhopal. It is a typical urban lot of land with a maximum floor space index - 1.2 This demonstrates that even though the entire plot is covered by the building to get the maximum land utilization, it has enough open space for terraces built and integrated in the composition of the layout. Thus besides the ground level designed for the movement of vehicles, the elevated terrace levels keep the pedestrian movement isolated from the vehicular traffic. It was intended that this model would become a prototype for other office buildings which are being undertaken by BDA and establish a route for elevated walkways around the future office blocks in the same business district.

All openings are integrated with the structure in such a way that they create a pocket of shadow within which the windows fall offering a complete freedom to the design and form of the windows.
The structure of the plan has realised a degree of standardization to form the design elements of the building which are answerable to the internal changes in office layout which may be made if found necessary. The building works with the climate shading the internal spaces from the hot summer sun.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Bhopal, India
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