Community Center
Maheshwar, India
In a bid to revitalize the virtually deserted fort of Maheshwar, a weaving center for sarees was established an extension of a larger revitalization process. While it is meant primarily for the weavers, the activities generated provide an incentive for the towns-people to brave the steep slope up to the fort, participate in activities and rejuvenate the space.

The building bulk is minimal, and its brick piers are finely articulated to echo the scale of the timber frame structures of the adjoining palace. The large openings are corbelled down to the size of the locally available sandstone lintels. Corbelled brick brackets replace the traditional carved timber ones. Semi-circular arches are new to Maheshwar and have been used only within the building. The half-round terracota tiles have also been newly introduced.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Maheshwar, India
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