Beit al-Mansour
Sana'a, Yemen
Beit al-Mansour was built early this century over an existing ground floor. The three-storey house is more than 100 years old. Beit al-Mansour is a typical Sanani house in the heart of the Bir al-Azab quarter. Stone was used in one part of the ground floor while clay was used on the back side of the same floor. Bricks were used on the front side of the first floor, consisting of big diwan. Bricks were also used for the centre of the second floor. The house is particularly interesting because of the different materials used in the various stages of construction, and because of the different entrances to the house and the garden. The house has three levels on each floor, which also makes it unique. The owner entirely restored the building, first from the inside, respecting traditional Yemeni architecture and without making any changes in its design, except making different openings between the rooms. The main restoration work was the gypsum on the wall decoration and the windows, the woodwork on doors, windows and shutters, and stone pavement of the stairs. The owner also restored the exterior of the building re-doing the clay work of the two back floors and restoring the gypsum work decorations all over the building. This restoration project is part of the larger Old Sana'a conservation project. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Sana'a, Yemen
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Ground floor area: 200 m² ; total site area: 4,000 m²
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Beit al Mansour
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