George Bass Residence
Bodrum, Türkiye
The project is a high-income private residence whose geometry resulted from internally connecting two masses, one single-storey and one two-storey, each with the proportions of traditional Bodrum homes of such design. The two-storey section is used to contain bedroom, study rooms, and bath/WC. This taller section also serves to shield the garden and the terrace from the road ensuring the privacy. The single-storey section contains the living/sitting room, and an open kitchen and its flat roof is used as a terrace with a pleasant view.

All stone walls have a thickness of 50cm, and without a concrete carcass each wall is a load-bearing member. After the completion of foundation excavations, all the construction was carried out by hand labour, without the use of machines.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Bodrum, Türkiye
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