Jondi-Shapour University
Ahwaz, Iran

The university campus is located near the Karoun River, on barren, flat land next to a lush botanical garden. An attempt was made to create a pedestrian walk which could accommodate various activities and types of buildings. The result is architectural space, sometimes open to the sky, of various scales, moods and interests along this walkway. The Student Union and cafeteria, facing the street is meant to be the pedestrian gateway to the campus, and so was designed with two towers. It marks the beginning of the walkway, and takes one through a narrow passage too courtyard with a fountain.

Continuing from the courtyard, one finds a wide space with trees, lawns, and flowerbeds. Beyond this is a doorway to the university's small mosque. The courtyard of the mosque gradually unfolds as one enters the mosque through an unlighted passage. As one proceeds through the courtyard, one encounters a small open-to-sky rotunda, which effectively frames the sky and is also on opening to either continuation along the same road or a deviation to the south (academic zone). Continuing along the east-west walk, one arrives at an elevated level (the agricultural water canal) which is designed as a pedestrian promenade with trees, flowerbeds, lawns, benches and constant running water. Continuing, one reaches an intersection, which is connected to the main north and south sports grounds. Further along, one arrives at the recently finished gymnasium. In this building an attempt was made to accommodate large shaded areas of arcades and underpasses. This building is located at the end of the walkway, which is meant to continue eastward to the botanical garden and Karoun River. From this east-west pedestrian walk there are three southbound walkways which take the students to the academic section of the master plan south of the sports fields.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Ahwaz, Iran
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Completed 1975
3,750,000 m²
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Jondishahpour University
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