Elementary School
Agadir, Morocco
A primary school consisting of sixteen classrooms, administrative offices and service facilities for an urban residential community. The site is located in a residential section within walking distance of the Agadir town square. The two classroom buildings lie at a 30 degree angle to one another A wedge-shaped concrete canopy provides circulation between the two-storey buildings. The diamond-shaped administration offices are attached to the canopy's eastern angle. To the south of the offices stands a single-storey rectangular structure.

The Ministry of Education requested that the classrooms be trapezoidal in plan. Accordingly, each building contains four trapezoidal rooms arranged back-to-back so that each pair shares a common wall. This arrangement is reversed on the second floor so that convex angles overhang concave ones on the facades. The architect wished to eschew the long narrow corridors traditional in school buildings. Consequently, the canopy provides circulation between classrooms and buildings.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Agadir, Morocco
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