Idriss Mosque
Seattle, United States
The Idriss Mosque in Seattle's Northgate neighborhood was founded in 1981. The land and the financing for the project were a gift from Saudi Arabia's Sheikh Abdul Kadir Idriss, and the design and construction were overseen by the daughter and son-in-law of Sheikh Idriss. The architect was Dennis Alkire of Mithun Associates.

The mosque is square in plan, with a cutaway at the southeast corner for the entrance. A large octagonal copper dome sits above the prayer hall, and the minaret is also topped with a copper dome, both with a crescent finial on top. The exterior is buff-colored brick, with accents of red brick, and pierced by large glass block windows in the shape of Moorish arches. The main entrance at the southeast corner is through a set of brass and copper double doors, topped with an inscription panel, and surrounded by celadon green tile. Sources state that is was the first mosque west of the Mississippi to be built in an Arabesque architecture style.


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1420 NE Northgate Way, Seattle, United States
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1981/1401 AH
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Idris Mosque
Sheikh Abdul Kadir Idriss Mosque
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