Ahlul Bayt Mosque
Brooklyn, United States
The Ahlul Bayt Mosque, or Islamic Guidance Center, is located in an approximately 11,00 sq. ft. two-story building on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, on a block lined with Muslim shops and across the street from the much larger Masjid Al-Farooq. The building was constructed ca. 1900, and according to city records, the Center took ownership of the building in 1996. There are street-level entrances for the Guidance Center and for an Islamic library, and a two-dimensional cut-out of a dome at the roofline of the building. Inside, the prayer hall is a rectangular room with a separate enclosed section for women and a mihrab built out in the corner of the room.


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543 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, United States
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Ahlulbayt Mosque
Islamic Guidance Center
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