Masjid al-Farooq
Brooklyn, United States
Madjid al-Farooq was founded in 1976 and is the oldest and largest of the 27 mosques (as of 2008) that have been established in Brooklyn since the 1970s. It is located in a 19,000 square-foot six-story former factory building on Atlantic Avenue constructed in 1928, on a block surrounded by Muslim shops and across the street from the smaller Ahlul Bayt Mosque. The building has belonged to the mosque since 1977.

The building has storefronts at ground level with large blocks of windows above split by an engaged column and topped by two arched windows. Inside, there are restrooms and wudu areas on the first floor, an Islamic school on the second floor, men's prayer space on the third floor, and women's prayer space on the fourth floor.


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552-554 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, United States
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founded 1976
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Al-Farouq Mosque
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