Baitul Mukkaram Masjid
Arlington, United States
In 1996, a group of eleven Bangladeshi Muslims living in the Washington DC area unofficially founded the Bangladeshi Islamic Center. In February 2002, that group officially founded the Baitul Mukkaram Masjid on a residential street in Arlington, VA. The group purchased a former church building that had been converted from a 1920 residence to use for their mosque. The one-story building is faced in brick, with a tower (the church's former entrance) in front, topped with a green dome with a crescent finial. The entrance to the mosque is to the side, in the portion of the building that appears to be the original residence.

The prayer hall features a vaulted ceiling, tiled qibla wall with mihrab and small wooden mihrab, and a platform separated by curtains in the rear of the space for women.


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2116 S. Nelson St., Arlington, United States
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founded 2002/1422 AH
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Bangladesh Islamic Center
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