Kabila Tourist Complex
Tetouan, Morocco
The four-phase complex includes vacation bungalows, a hotel compound, and private villas and residences on a landscaped site bordering a beach and the Mediterranean Sea. The project comprises four sections:

-Bungalows and small apartments on the beach, sports and recreation centers, shops and a night club;
-A hotel with four, two-storey blocks of single rooms, entered from a covered exterior gallery, are organized around three sides of a landscaped court which contains the swimming pool;
-Six large, permanent villas for the architect and other villagers are adjacent to the hotel complex;
-Twenty-five private residences, between the beach and the hotel and villas, are single or semi-attached in groups of two and three

The complex is designed as a small community; both massing and site development encourage interaction between visiting tourists, vacationers and permanent residents. Homogeneity is reinforced by landscaping and by the choice of materials and colors. Vehicular circulation is restricted; the pathways traversing the site provide access to the beach as well as to the private residences. Within this hierarchy, however, the distinction between public and private is emphasized, the contrast between the orthagonal plans of the bungalows and the hotel compound with the more random site plan of the villas and residences is evident.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tetouan, Morocco
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