Gobran Apartment Building
Cairo, Egypt

This residential building in Garden City was designed by the Italian architect Guiseppe Mazza in 1929 for Eli Gobran Moscat. Guiseppe Mazza, pupil of Antonio Lasciac, decided to live and work in Cairo and Alexandria. In the 1920s and 1930s, he designed Groppi, the famous pastry shop with its multicoloured mosaics at Midan Soliman Pasha, and various villas in Garden City. 

The front facade presents volumes in straight lines and features two rectangular overhanging “avant-corps” framed with geometrical Deco friezes. At the top of each “avant-corps”, there is a reinforced zone with two small columns and three decorative patterns that are acanthus. Another Art Deco frieze forming small waves, decorates the upper part of the elevation. The building is pierced with regular openings and balconies with ironwork decoration. The feature of Mazza’s design here is the homogeneity of forms and decors, both for the exterior facade and the interior decoration of the hall entrance.

Ibrahim Naguib Pasha 5, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
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Construction 1929
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