Geneva Islamic Center
Geneva, Switzerland

The Islamic Cultural Center of Geneva was created to provide a prayer hall and social and cultural gathering place for Muslims of diverse origins residing in Geneva. The architectural objectives were to provide traditional Islamic spaces while at the same time respecting local architectural forms. The site is a former estate covering 4,200 square meters in the rapidly developing belt of the city. Although it is surrounded on three sides by middle income housing complexes, the scarcity of acreage in the area and its proximity to international organizations make the site a very prestigious one. A manor house and farm building existed on the site and were incorporated into the program of the Islamic Cultural Center.

Four sections are distinguished in the complex:

-the mosque, a new construction , with an underground car park;

-the Koranic School, seven classrooms located in the existing farmhouse;

-the conference room, library, language lab and attendants' flat housed in the existing manor house; and

-offices, a cafeteria, and a morgue located on the perimeter of a central courtyard which connects the mosque to the older renovated buildings.

The dominant space in the complex is the prayer hall, a domed octagonal space. It is attached to the square plan courtyard building containing the cultural center.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Chemin de Colladon 34 Petit-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland
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approximately 2576 m2 (building) - 2956 m2 (land); h. (minaret): 22 m
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Islamic Cultural Foundation Mosque
Mosquée de Genève
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