Villa Walter Harris Museum
Tangier, Morocco

This villa was designed in the the end of the 19th-century by Walter Burton Harris, author and reporter for The Times of London, as his home. It was constructed in Moorish Revival style, with elaborate zellij, stucco, and carved wood. After Harris died in 1932, it was later converted into a Casino-Resort by Spanish entrepreneur Onofre Zapata. It was sold in the 1960s to Club Mediterranée resort. 

When Club Mediterranée left Tangier in 1992, the villa was abandoned and deteriorated for several decades. In 2007, it was designated a building of National Historic value. In 2021, it opened as a museum.


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Avenue Mohamed VI, Tangier, Morocco
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Associated Names
late 19-Early 20th century
2021 restoration completed
Style Periods
Variant Names
Villa Walter Harris Museum
Museo Villa Harris
Musée Villa Harris
Villa Harris
Formerly known as
Gran Casino Parque de Verano de Villa Harris
Building Usages
vacation village/resort
restoration and conservation
adaptive reuse