Iraqi Reinsurance Company Headquarters
Baghdad, Iraq
The Iraqi Reinsurance Company Complex was intended to "provide a headquarters appropriate to the Company's national and international standing." The planned site for the headquarters was a Company-owned piece of land at the corner of Al-Kindi Street and Saadoun streets, on Firdos Square, in area that in the mid-1970s was becoming the commercial center of Baghdad. The site is adjacent to the Al Khairat Apartment Complex and across the square from the Palestine Hotel (formerly the Meridien Hotel) and the Cristal Grand Ishtar Hotel (formerly the Sheraton Ishtar).

The plan designed by Hisham Munir & Associates called for a complex of three buildings: an eight-story Company Headquarters building, a twenty-story Commercial building with office space rented to outside tenants, and a one-story Conference/Dining Center that could be rented by the public. The Headquarters building was considered the primary and most important feature of the complex and was intended to be the most noticeable, with a different, more elaborate, architectural treatment from the other two buildings. All three buildings would be served by underground parking, a computer center, and other supporting services.

External walls of all buildings would be concrete. The main color scheme of the buildings would be white, with contrast from the surrounding landscaping. Reflecting pools and covered walkways would be used to link the elements of the site together.

It does not appear that the complex was ever built.


Hisham Munir & Associates. Architectural Design Report: Iraqi Reinsurance Company Complex. Report, June 1976.

Hisham Munir & Associates. Portfolio, undated [ca. 1970s].

Baghdad, Iraq
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1976/1395 AH
1965-1968/1384-1388 AH, constructed
area: 26,000 m²
Variant Names
Iraqi Reinsurance Company Complex
مجمع شركة اعادا التأمين
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