Jiddah Island Mosque
Manamah, Bahrain
The mosque is located on a small rocky island and composed of three elements: the prayer hall, arcades, and a minaret. The west side overlooks the sea, across the landscape. The arcade extends from the main entrance of the mosque and ends into a domed portico leading to the prayer hall. The arcade is roofed with a series of domes and flooring, consisting of porcelain tiles in various blues, laid in geometrical pattern. The minaret is an octagonal tower rising from a star-shaped solid base, with two-level projected balconies at the top, keeping the proportion with the prayer hall dome. The prayer hall is square in plan, 12x12m, with a solid high plinth, and progresses into a series of reducing octagons with half domes, and culminating into a large dome of 9m in diameter.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Manamah, Bahrain
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Jiddah Island Mosque
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