Jami'a al-Rashid (Design)
Baghdad, Iraq

Al-Rashid University, Baghdad, was planned during the 1980s (ca. 1980-1988) but never constructed. Makiya Associates, consultant architects to Heinle, Wischer und Partner, developed extensive designs and motifs for many aspects of the project, including site plans, plans for housing clusters, academic buildings on the campus, and themes for each of the four colleges which were to be part of the university. Luz, Kienle + Partner, Stuttgart was the landscape architect, according to a project description for Al-Rashid University on the website of Kienleplan GmbH.1 

The plans envisage a large university located 35 km southeast of central Baghdad. Buildings are executed in a modern style but incorporate local traditions such as the use of elaborate decorative brickwork, which is seen in many of the medieval monuments in Baghdad. 


1. http://www.kienleplan.de/cont_en/index.php?site=alrashid (accessed December 28, 2015).

Baghdad, Iraq
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designed 1980s
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جامعة الرشيد
Jami'at al-Rashid
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