Dar El Cheifa Street 18
Cairo, Egypt

This “immeuble de rapport” situated in Garden City was designed in 1930 by Nubar Kevorkian, an Armenian architect active in Egypt. 

The shape of the three-storey building is a quadrangle with three distinct blocks. The design highlights a variety of Art Deco elements drawn from naval architecture. The central facade is composed of two elements inspired by industrial design which dominate the elevation with their arch-shaped geometric ornamentation. The architect integrates in his design differing shapes and sizes of balconies on each floor. Special emphasis is placed on ironwork and oriental lights which decorate the hall entrance with conical and square forms. 

Author: Lobna Montasser

Dar El-Cheifa 18, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
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Construction 1930
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Dar El Cheifa Street 18
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apartment building
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Art Deco