Brazil Street 11
Cairo, Egypt

The architect of this residential building situated in Zamalek is unknown. The central facade is composed of two vertical “avant-corps” with rectangular openings and horizontal balconies. The architect features here an Art Deco building in “Streamline Moderne” with ornamental sobriety emphasizing curving forms such as balconies and minimal openings to the exterior. The design highlights a variety of Art Deco elements inspired by naval architecture such as circular windows similar to portholes. The envelope is of brick masonry and treated with plaster, a process often used in residential Cairo architecture.

Pure lines and simplicity of volumes and forms inherited from the Modern Movement defined the design of this residential building inspired by British Art Deco which offers a sober interpretation of this style of architecture. Nevertheless, the decorative sobriety of the main facade contrasts with the sophisticated ornamentation of the entrance. Indeed, the main folding door is rectangular, divided into four parts and decorated with a wrought iron stylised lotus. The hall opens onto a first marble set of stairs with Neo-classical columns which leads up to a staircase. The string wall presents a wrought iron handrail delicately curved with scrolls, a pattern that is similar to the lotus of the entrance door.

Brazil Street 11, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
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