Moura Wahba Pasha Villa
Cairo, Egypt

Moura Wahba Pasha Villa is the current residence of a Saudi prince, Sultan Ibn Seoud. This three-storey house has an innovative and specific structure due to the various volumes placed on different levels. The design highlights a colossal mass with minimal openings to the exterior. 

The central element is a trapezoidal volume with a basement-level with a rectangular door. The main entrance is crowned with a semicircular arch supported by two columns. The arch reveals a loggia and a window. Each storey is delimited by a cornice and most corners are bevelled. 

The architect integrates in his design an eclectic Beaux-Arts style with Art Deco elements such as friezes with vegetal adornments and Neo-classical features such as fluted engaged columns and pillars. The colossal Moura Wahba Pasha Villa presents naturalistic ornamentation inspired by French Art Deco, such as stylised flowers, a bird and a seashell. 

Corniche El Nil, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt
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