Jami' Shaykhu
Cairo, Egypt

The Mosque of Emir Shaykhu al-'Imari was built for a leading emir under Sultan Hasan in 1349. It combines hypostyle features with a cruciform plan; on the qibla side of the rectangular courtyard is an arcaded sanctuary, which is faced by another arcaded hall across the courtyard. The two lateral sides of the courtyard are each occupied by a recess that opens onto the courtyard through a double arch sustained by one column only.

The minaret, which stands above the portal's vestibule, employs prismatic triangles for the transition from the square base to the octagonal shaft.


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Shari' al-Salibah, Cairo, Egypt
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1349/750 AH
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Amir Shaykhu Funerary Complex
Masjid al-Amir Shaykhu
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