Dolapdere Kampusu: II. Binası, İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi
Istanbul, Türkiye
This building was the second building designed by Elif Özdemir for the Istanbul Bilgi University campus. This campus facility was designed within a 4500 sq m enclosed area of a preexisting structure. Key concerns addressed in the design plan after the project's technical and financial issues included; busy schedules, the integration of classrooms, offices, halls, sports and leisure areas, the visual complexity of nearby surroundings, the connection to the existing building, local ground problems, and the of course, the project deadline.

In the higher block, repeatable modular classrooms were arranged around an atrium. The space was ensured to have sunlight from the large, sky-lit roof. Within the atrium, computer labs with semi-transparent walls were positioned in an asymmetric fashion, creating negative spaces and terraces. With the newly created space, terraces were used as recess areas, producing a visual connection between the multiple floors, and ensuring that the space received maximum sunlight. The lower block was used for offices, a central court, and a cafeteria at the ground floor. A pool was installed inside the remaining block within this campus building. 

Given the shortness of the administration period, and the need to construct “light building” in spite of limits upon ground improvement, steel structures were incorporated into the existing building. This decision further facilitated the overall design and architectural approach. The building's design matured through the addition of a steel structure, ultimately contributing: the lightness feeling, the desire to blend in with the surrounding complexity with its fragmented elevation, the abundance of enclosed spaces, transparency, large spaces, negative spaces, and fast execution.

--Adapted from the project description of architect Elif Özdemir.

Istanbul, Türkiye
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4500 meters sq.
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Dolapdere Campus: Building II, Istanbul Bilgi University
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