Noa Galata Triumvirate / Ali Hoca Apartments
Istanbul, Türkiye

The Ali Hoca Apartments, one of three buildings constituting the Noa Galata Triumvirate, is the product of an architectural redesign project by architect Elif Özdemir. The original building that served as a base for the project was a reinforced concrete office building built in 1976. 

The former office building was redesigned into studio apartments. Due to its design, the targeted demographic was a younger populace. The building offered maximum conformity conditions for user's practicality. Photovoltaic solar panels were integrated, maximizing the roof's width and orientation, allowing for the full provision of the facility's hot water, and  partial provision of its heat. A fitness center designed to accommodate building residents and the larger district was installed in the building's lower level.

--Adapted from the project description of architect Elif Özdemir.

Istanbul, Türkiye
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1976/1396 AH, renovated 2006/1426 AH
2800 sq m
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recreation and sport
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