Bunateka Libraries
Various Locations in Kosovo, Kosovo
Bunateka is a word play from the Albanian words biblioteka, or library, and bunar, meaning well or source of water. The architect, living in Kosovo until the age of 12, grew up and was educated in Switzerland, Nearly 17 years later, as he returned to his home town of Lutogllavë, he saw nothing had changed; there was no library and there were no books. So the idea for the Bunateka emerged from the aspiration to establish libraries in Kosovo’s rural areas in order to provide disadvantaged youth with opportunities to access books and educational materials. A 4 x 6 metre wood and glass box on a concrete foundation and fully covered with a solid roof has glazed sides to enable the books within to be seen from all sides, with exterior horizontal louvers and an alignment to protect them from the sun.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Various Locations in Kosovo, Kosovo
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Completed 2009-2012
Design 2007-2008
Ground floor area: 24 m²
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