Qubba Umm Salih
Cairo, Egypt
The Mausoleum of Fatima Khatun was built by Sultan Qalawun for his wife Umm al-Salih in 1283-4. The shad al-'ama'ir (superintendent of royal constructions, usually an amir) was the Amir 'Alam al-Din Sanjar al-Shuja'i, whose constructions feature architectural and decorative features unprecedented in Cairene architecture.

The use of squinches filled in with keel-arched stalactite pendentives in the dome's zone of transition was a new development.


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Shari' al-Ashraf, Cairo, Egypt
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1283-1284/682 AH
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Mausoleum of Fatima Khatun
Qubbat Umm Salih
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