Gökçebayir Village Mosque
Çanakkale, Turkey
The decision to build a new Gökçebayir village mosque was initiated in January 1963, after the little masjid built on the same site was ruined. Construction was directed by the Local Mosque Association and realized with contributions of the citizens. The main building was finished in 1968 and decoration and frescoes were completed in the following years. The minaret and the ablutions area were constructed in 1980.

The mosque's height is 24 m. with an 8 m. diameter dome. The dome is formed by four vaults supported by eight columns; the central area has been kept free of structural members. The main dome is surrounded by both smaller domes and semi-domes. The front façade is dominated by five small domes.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Çanakkale, Turkey
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Variant Names
Gökçebayir Village Mosque
Gökçebayir Köyü Camii
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