Masjid al-Amir Qawsun
Cairo, Egypt
All that remains of this large courtyard mosque, built by Qawsun, the amir of al-Nasir Muhammad, in 1330/730 AH is some of the stucco grilled windows in the perimeter walls, along with the simple stone arched northern gate. Most of the mosque was demolished during the construction of Sharia Muhammad 'Ali from 1845-1870/1260-1286 AH, and the present mosque on the iste was completely rebuilt by 'Abbas II in 1893/1311 AH.


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al-Maqbara al-Junbaiyya, Cairo, Egypt
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Associated Names
1329-30/730 AH
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Variant Names
Amir Qawsun Mosque
Mosque of Amir Qawsoun
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