Dār al-ʻIzz
Jibla, Yemen
Dār al-ʻIzz (The House Of Glory) was the Sulayhid palace in Dhī Jibla when it remained their capital between 1064 - 1138. In 1088, the Sulayhid queen, Arwa b. Aḥmad, transferred the capital from Ṣanʻāʼ to Dhī Jibla because it gave them a strategic position to defend themselves from and overcome their rivals, the Najahids. Arwa's ailing husband Mukarram ordered that a fortress be built for the royal residence in Dhū Jibla and they named it Dār al-ʻIzz. Popular legend stated that the palace had 354 rooms, one for each night of the year. The ruins of the palace still exist today. 
Jibla, Yemen
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دار العز
Darul Izz
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