Gezira Street 6
Cairo, Egypt

This six-storey residential building presents a vertical facade divided into two blocks. Each block contains one “avant-corps” and a row of apartments, whereas the central part of the elevation corresponds to a recessed zone. 

The “avant-corps” and the external parts of the building are decorated with fluted engaged columns. The windows of the first and the fifth floor are semi-circular archways, the other rectangular. The form of the balconies with wrought-iron adornments varies as well: rectangular or square with bullnose arris. The fifth floor presents a bartisan backed by two circular windows of different sizes.

The undersides of the balconies are decorated with Deco friezes. The ornamentation of is influenced by French Art Deco, such as the box sections with a brunch of stylised flowers in stucco. 

Gezira Street 6, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
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