Yehia Ibrahim 26
Cairo, Egypt

This two-level high-rise building contains a number of stores on the ground floor and three-storey of apartments. The rectangular-shaped and symmetrical facade is extended by two vertical “avant-corps” which dominate the elevation, and a cornice at the top with an interlacing frieze. The two overhanging structures, opened on rectangular windows, are decorated with fluted engaged pillars and a stylised vegetal pattern. The design offers a diversity of balcony forms such as horizontal ones on the external parts of the facade. 

One of the specific features is the clear contrast between the imposing aspect of the “avant-corps” amplified by the engaged columns, and the wealth of its ornamental repertoire such as stylised vegetal motifs. The architect remains unknown and brings in his approach an eclectic Beaux Arts style with Art Deco elements. This architectural language seems to be common in Garden City and Zamalek, as if the boundary between the various European styles, in an Egyptian context, was less clear and appears as European style.

The building is in a bad state of conservation, especially the central part of the facade. We found the same decorative design at 20 Ismaïl Mohammed Street in Zamalek. 

Yehia Ibrahim 26, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
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