Abdel Aziz Osman 3
Cairo, Egypt
This residential building presents one simple volume with two “avant-corps” featuring rectangular windows. The two overhanging structures have bevelled angles and a mitre arch on the upper part. A cornice, dominating the elevation, delimits the original construction from one extra storey added afterwards. 

The main facade contains various typological features of balconies creating a play on volumes and forms, an original alternation of curves and counter-curves. The unknown architects integrates in his design Art Deco wrought-iron adornments and friezes and creates a perfect balance between simple volumes and opulent ornamentation. 
We found a similarity to the decorative design at Zakareya Rizk Street 10 in Zamalek.

Author: Lobna Montasser

Abdel Aziz Osman 3, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
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