Mohammed Abd El-Wahab 2

This five-storey building is laid out at an angle along two streets of Zamalek. The main facade features one simple volume, emphasizing curving forms and an ornamental simplicity defined by pure lines. The building is opened onto tall windows with wrought iron geometrical forms, corresponding to the staircase.

The original design illustrates the typological diversity of Art Deco and the importation of “Streamline Moderne” Style from Europe to Cairo. In Europe, between 1925 and 1930, technological advances in the Industrial Revolution created new architectural solutions. Naval and industrial architecture began to influence Art Deco with curved forms, horizontal lines and portholes. This architectural trend of Art Deco, inspired by the Modern Movement and the precepts of “avant-garde”, reached its climax in 1937 and came to be known as “Streamline Moderne”.

Mohammed Abd El-Wahab 2, Zamalek, Cairo
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