National Theatre of Bahrain
Manamah, Bahrain
The extreme horizontality of the landscape fostered the form of the Theatre, oriented towards a lagoon to preserve its views with its profile facing the sea. It is distinguished by its canopy, a weave of openwork aluminium inspired by the country’s traditional wicker rooftops. Within this canopy, a stainless-steel-covered shell houses an auditorium with a foyer enabling spectators to move from one balcony to another. Inside, the auditorium is sculpted of organic shapes and completely panelled in elm. The layout that of an Italian theatre and includes an orchestra pit and a retractable conch allowing the stage to host theatre, dance, opera or concerts. It shares landscaped public spaces with the National Museum, creating a cultural pole for Bahrain.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Manamah, Bahrain
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Completed 2013
12,000 m²
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