Al-Qurainah Farmhouse
Al-Qurainah, Saudi Arabia
A place to spend weekends and vacation time, and a place for future retirement, the Farmhouse is located in the middle of a palm-tree farm 80 km from Riyadh. The building was designed to blend into the hillside and faces a spectacular view of palm orchards and mountaintops. The main level includes family living spaces gathered around an outdoor courtyard which backs onto the hill. Bedrooms at upper levels are attached to terraces and there is an annex used as a guesthouse. The façade load-bearing walls which were built by exposed, locally produced compressed earth blocks play a main role, not only as a structural element, but also as a visual feature, featuring arches, domes and vaults.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Al-Qurainah, Saudi Arabia
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Associated Names
Completed 2010
501 m²
Variant Names
Al-Qurainah Farmhouse
Building Usages
private residence
mud brick
Aga Khan Award for Architecture Nominee
earthen architecture