Naji Hamshari Mosque
Amman, Jordan
In Islam, prayer can take place anywhere. Outdoor was integrated with the indoor allowing for a visual continuity with the serene outdoor landscape through a qibla wall designed as sheer glass façade, later changed to partially transparent because of logistical objections from government. The wall overlooks a modern fountain and a soft green landscape resembling a glimpse of paradise.  The Mosque was constructed as three separate rectangular entities, two of which are for the main halls and the third the courtyard entrance. It has a capacity for 3,200 men indoors and 800 in the outdoor spaces. The minaret is separate from the building itself, as a separate sculptural element.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Amman, Jordan
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Completed 2012
6,300 m²
Variant Names
مسجد الهمشري
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