Aknaibich Preschool
Drarga, Morocco

This small Preschool is an extension, constructed from unbaked earth, of an existing school. The roof is made of small-sectioned wooden beams and matting, with a heavy earth load to protect from the sun. The compact building orients itself towards the north with large glass doors for generous indirect sunlight and the south façade is pierced with small, deep windows. The east and west walls are doubled, without openings. Clay renderings on the outside are reinforced with straw fibres, protecting against frequent winds and sporadic rains. Wood is replaced by concrete in compliance with paraseismic norms, and the construction system incorporates a system of ring-beams vertically connected by reinforcement bars, tying together the adobe walls.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Drarga, Morocco
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Completed 2014
55 m²
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