Izmir Alsancak Full Automated Carpark
Izmir, Turkey
The parking lot has a capacity of 380 cars and 0ver11 storeys. Four vehicles can be processed simultaneously and each car is parked in three minutes. Only the ground floor is for the people and a most transparent opening has been provided to the street; all arrangements have been planned around vehicle and people entry and departure. Automated systems manage lighting and air-conditioning systems and the building has been designed produce maximum energy from sunlight. The lot releases little greenhouse gas thanks to a façade with added insulation, because there is no air-conditioning in the upper levels, and as automobiles transported by means of the automated elevator system do not release exhaust gas.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Izmir, Turkey
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Completed 2014
7,531 m²
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Izmir Alsancak Full Automated Carpark
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