Az-Zaatari, Jordan

In a large refugee camp, a school, comprising four classrooms and a staffroom and hosting 100 primary students at a time, has been built on a 16m2 plot. An 8m2 courtyard provides a safe space for children to pursue open-air activities. These re-deployable, modular, self-built, environmentally friendly community-oriented structures can be adapted so they could become a house, a clinic or a school. First, the scaffolding structure (here from lightweight MP scaffolding) is erected. Then two metal nets are put up that are covered by "hemp fabric" or smaller "steel net" on the sides of the structure and the created formwork is filled by sands, gravel or earth, ideally earth from the site.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

طريق بغداد الدولي, Az-Zaatari, Jordan
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Completed 2014
160 m²
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