Preservation of Vushttri Castle
Vushttri, Kosovo
Since 1962 Vushtrri castle had been closed; it had fallen into disrepair and been partly forgotten. Now the Castle has been restored into a multifunctional space with a contemporary feel that will promote education and host artistic, cultural and social events on an outdoor piazza, and provide meeting spaces and a coffee shop. In light of the fact that it is a protected archaeological site, every intervention done on site is reversible. Most of the building materials used for conservation are similar to the originals, and the work was executed using traditional craft and building techniques. Local stone was used, the binders are all lime-based and inorganic water repellents were used by a workforce comprising local craftsmen, labourers and volunteers.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Vushttri, Kosovo
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Preservation of Vushttri Castle