Rijeka Islamic Centre
Rijeka, Croatia
Located on a 10,800 m2 site placed on a large plateau, the Centre was conceived as a large sculpture on a wide base, and has become a landmark of Croatia's busiest port. A spiritual rather than a formal Islamic expression was intended, so traditional decor was avoided, showing the flexibility and willingness of a traditional Islamic community to establish itself as part of modern society. The mosque consists of six domes and semi domes in reinforced concrete. The façade consists of metal sub-construction covered with ventilated stainless steel plates. The minaret is the dominant element on the plateau; it consists of central conical steel cylinder and sheet-steel mantle. The remaining functions are placed on two levels beneath the plateau, taking advantage of the naturally sloping terrain.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Rijeka, Croatia
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Completed 2013
5,290 m²
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