IBA New Girls's Hostel
Karachi, Pakistan
Funding shortages demanded that this project be carried out in steps. Phase One has been completed and provides accommodation for 96 girls. Because of site-level differences, the building was divided into blocks connected by screened corridors: a single-level front block contains all common-use spaces, a services block and a superintendent’s apartment. Two three-level residential blocks have been built, and have different floor levels to suit their respective positions. The long, horizontal structure faces north, with a predominantly glazed front, protected from the sun by a dramatic overhang. Through a large reception area, the building gradually reveals itself: cheerful interiors with soft daylight, and enclosed outdoor spaces ensuring privacy and security, yet giving a spacious feeling throughout.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Karachi, Pakistan
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Completed 2014
2,850 m²
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