Great Khorassan Museum
Mashhad, Iran

This 18,000 m2 regional museum, based on the Seljuq monument of Kakhe Khorshid, was 30% complete (foundation, skeleton and floor slabs) before M.A. Mirfenderesky, who had won a national competition for its design, passed away. In the re-programming of the Museum by newly appointed architects, exhibition spaces increased to 5,000 m2, and the interior became much more open. The most innovative architectural element is the cylinder -- 20 metres in diameter and 30 metres high -- featuring an interior dome with two series of circular stairs running around it. The "lobby" entrance is at the ground floor and there are administrative, exhibition and storage spaces on the underground floors.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Mashhad, Iran
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Completed 2015
18,000 m²
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