Aljumeira Resort
Gaza, Palestine

Aljumaira Resort seeks to provide quality tourist and entertainment services for locals, tourists, and international institutions. Three buildings for accommodation, leisure and facilities occupy 500 m2 of this 3,000 m2 resort on the seafront. The grounds include green areas, a swimming pool, a zoo and restaurants. It has been built using low-impact technology from materials recycled from war-damaged buildings and brought from the seashore. The floor is made from recycled limestone; the roofs are made from a composite of cement and recycled timber. Other materials used include recycled plastic, recycled steel nails, salvaged wood scraps and rubber tires. Fixtures and fittings were constructed on site, reducing transport costs and providing employment for local craftsmen.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Gaza, Palestine
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Completed 2013
750 m²
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