Haftkhan Restaurant Complex
Shiraz, Iran
With a total floor area of about 4,300 m² plus parking space across the street, this four-story Complex accommodates seven restaurants and coffee shops, seating, simultaneously, over 1,500 people. The concentration of establishments means that, particularly at festival times, it becomes a meeting place. All the restaurants act autonomously, using their own kitchens and facilities. Mixed modes of mechanical and natural ventilation and natural and artificial light enable all the spaces to control their own environments. With a steel structure frame and concrete ceiling, exposed surfaces and hand-made materials create an intimate, vernacular feel. It is located near historical and touristic sites and the important northern gateway of Shiraz (the Qur’an Gate).

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Shiraz, Iran
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Completed 2013
4,300 m²
Variant Names
Haftkhan Restaurant Complex
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Aga Khan Award for Architecture Nominee