Education Centre, Erasmus Medical Centre
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Following the essence of the 1960s design of the hospital, the second floor has been made the main floor and entrance of the complex once again. The new design provides a column-free roof following the existing diagonal construction lines and the 10m by 10m grid of the 2.5m trusses is subdivided in eight glazed triangles generating diffuse light. The original courtyard has been roofed and has become an enlightened and central Educational Square, where students from medical, paramedical and nursing programmes students meet, with several functions distributed on the three levels. Originally meant for students, the Center has now become a meeting point for 11,000 people, able to embrace and enhance the collective memory of current and new generations born, studying, and crossing paths.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Completed 2012
16,980 m²
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health care