Khwaja Shahbaz Tomb
Dhaka, Bangladesh

The single-domed tomb is locally considered to be contemporary with Khawja Shahbaz Mosque which was was built in 1679 AD. Khwaja Shahbaz, a prominent merchant of Dhaka during the viceroyalty of prince Muhammad Azam. Presently it is located near Curzon hall and Teen Netar Mazar (tomb of three national leaders). 

The Khawja Shahbaz Complex is positioned near Mir Jumla’s Gate (Dhaka Gate), one of the oldest Mughal architectures of Dhaka, signifying the prominence of the place. The tomb is located at the east of the mosque courtyard and is an integral part of the mosque complex, follows the same architectural style. However, there is a verandah on the south of the main tomb chamber is covered with a beautiful do-chala hut-shaped roof. The Khawja Shahbaz Tomb is an advanced Bengali single-domed Mughal type tomb.

The tomb has an oblong plan of 40'10" x 30'2" externally and 32'0" x 19'4" internally. The structure has a single sarcophagus chamber with a verandah. The chamber is roofed over by a hemispherical dome supported by squinches at four corners. The northern, eastern and western façades have single arched opening to the central hall. The southern verandah has a central opening at south with two smaller openings at east and west.

The square sarcophagus chamber is buttressed by four corner octagonal turrets, capped by plastered cupolas. These turrets rise slightly above the parapet walls and ribbed in typical Bengali fashion. Parapets are straight instead of the curvilinear cornice of pre-Mughal types. The northern, eastern and western façades of the sarcophagus chamber have arched entrances emphasized by a frame of slender, engaged columns and a raised cornice. All façades have a series of arched recessed niches. The arches of the verandah openings are cusped and issued from beautifully tapering pilasters.

The mosque was restored and repaired by the Department of Archaeology, Bangladesh and it is now a protected monument.


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Ramna neighborhoud, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Constructed 1658-1659/1298-1299 AH
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Oblong plan of 40'10" x 30'2"
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Khwaja Shahbaz Mausoleum
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