Alemi Residence
Tehrān, Iran
Situated in a rapidly expanding, wealthy neighborhood between existing resort towns, this residential complex, on the mountainside of northern Tehran, occupies a rectangular site sloping down to the south. The project was designed for ten relatives of a large family who desired to live near each other within a complex, sharing communal facilities such as gardens, courtyards, and a swimming pool.

The essential layout consists of eight flats of varying sizes arranged around two courtyards on different levels. A narrow, semi-covered path winds through the courtyards, providing the main access from the street and through the complex. Traditional spaces (iwans) connect the interior spaces to the external landscaped areas. The distinction between common and private areas was the governing principle around which the interior spaces were designed. Favorable orientations and natural ventilation were also prerequisites for each unit.

A hierarchy of spaces has been respected and traditional elements are used both internally and externally. Although the complex was designed for family members, some units were sold or rented to people outside the family, but the cohesion of the community has been maintained.

It is a steel frame main structure, with concrete floor slabs and hollow brick infill. The external finish is brick. Interiors are plastered and iwans are rendered with cement finish.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tehrān, Iran
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Alemi Residence
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private residence